Extraordinary Stories


The history of Eritrea is complex, fascinating, mesmerizing and gripping. Those that lived through it should tell their stories. Zantana works towards accomplishing that.

Colorful stories Every day we are making history. Let’s tell them. Soon they may be forgotten.

Eritrean history is so complex, full of dramatic events, laden with dynamic swings, and indeed has many stories with heroes. Many of these stories are fascinating, mesmerizing and gripping. Naturally, at times, the bar may seem too high for many of us to tell our own stories, which we often deem to be “humble” compared to that of others. And yet, most, including the heroes of these extraordinary stories, feel the same way: they believe there is someone else with a much better story; or even, there is someone else that can narrate them better. Then who is to tell the stories?

At Zantana, we believe this cycle has to end. And we would like to play a part in it.

Join us and narrate these extraordinary stories, your zantatat. Many of these stories occur within the overarching context of the extraordinary Eritrean history. For this very reason, the stories have the same backdrop and hence are parts of the same fabric, small pieces in a mosaic. Let the pieces be collected, let them come together, and let them form a masterpiece.

  • Every day we are making Eritrean history. Let’s tell them. Soon they may be forgotten.