About Zantana

Zantana, meaning Our Story, is an initiative by Eritreans to collect and archive personal stories of Eritreans anywhere. The main objective is to narrate individual experiences in the context of the overall history, culture, geography etc.

One of the main challenges in documenting personal Eritrean stories has been the tendency of many great history makers and story tellers providing narrations in a collective manner. That is to say that stories told at a community level tend to dominate the personal experiences. Eritreans have such an extraordinary and very eventful history that there is more to every individual story. This rich history has affected and shaped many lives. It is against this background then that the personal journeys, sagas, struggles and triumphs and all the human emotions that these have come to evoke need to be told.

To provide a reasonable context to stories, Zantana will attempt to make information available on many notable events in history with supplementing features such as graphic interactive timelines, maps and charts and other multimedia tools. This will help the audience to have a better understanding of the stories by enriching them; giving them a primed canvas to be vividly painted on.

At Zantana, we believe every individual is a hero in many stories in his/her own right. So we encourage everyone with a story to share it - come and tell it.

  • Every day we are making Eritrean history. Let’s tell them. Soon they may be forgotten.